Sunday, 30 April 2017

Cold Starts, Warm Afternoons..

April always brings the biggest daily range in temperatures. From frosts first thing, the temperature dipping below zero in that hour before dawn to afternoons where sometimes the thermometer nudges the high 20's and it's shorts and tee shirt weather.

Warm sunshine encourages new growth which the frost immediately checks. There seems to be so much 'burnt' new foliage this year. Buddleja, Russian sage, many roses and so on, all suffering, all recovering -hopefully!

Hopefully we've had the last frost now and can look forward to BBQ weather at the end of the week after the current belt of much needed rain passes through.

These boys on the other side of the river seem to take the weather in their stride. This pic was taken a few days ago. They're all sitting down today as we wait for the rain.

Spring marches on.